1. Call to Order/Pledge/Prayer


  1. Approval of draft copies of Minutes of the May 4, 2017 Meeting


  1. Approval of Agenda of the May 18, 2017 meeting


  1. Administrative & Committee Reports




  1. PRESENTATION Rincon Police Chief Phillip Scholl to the Bloomingdale Police Department.
  2. Consideration of Cancellation of the third Thursday City Council meeting in June, July August and September.
  3. Consider a Home Occupation License application submitted by Kelly Harley at 35 Perry Road for a Social Media Consulting Business.
  4. Consider purchase of Body Cameras for the Police Department at an initial cost of $8,567.20 to be paid from Tech Fees.
  5. Consider purchase two (2) Digital Cameras for the Police Department in the amount of $998 to be paid from Tech Fees.
  6. Consider Appointment to the Coastal Georgia Advisory Council.
  7. Consider entering into an Agreement for $7,500 with Ecological Planning Group for a NPDES Phase 1 MS4 Stormwater Management Plan Revision for 2017 as required by Georgia EPD.
  8. Consider entering into an Agreement with Tech Addict for City Wide information Technology services in the amount of $22,482 annually to be effective July 1, 2017.
  9. Consider a Rate Increase for rental and deposit of the Community Center of $50.00 per category for Residents/Non Residents and allow for a $50 deduction for all City Employees.
  10. Consider purchase of new computer for City Administrator in the amount of $1,142.24. (CIP/SPLOST)
  11. Consider setting the Millage rate at 10.00 mils and roll back to 0.00 mils.
  12. Add motion to accept bid from Morgan Group and modify previous award from May 4, 2017.


These are the items presented before the deadline of May 10, 2017 to be included on the Agenda.