February 13, 2003




The meeting was called to order by Mayor Rozier with Councilman Myrick leading in prayer.


Mayor Rozier explained there were two items on tonight’s agenda.  These items were to discuss the repairs/replacement of the Maple Street Lift Station and to discuss the financing of the new fire truck.


The Mayor asked Councilman Tyler to provide council with an update on the lift station.  Councilman Tyler reported that at the water/sewer committee meeting held last Friday he did not have accurate figures available for the comparison of the costs related to the repairs/replacement of the Maple Street Lift Station and based on that information, the committee was prepared to recommend repairing the station rather than replacing it.  However, since that time, he has obtained some additional cost information and he now feels that the installation of the Flyte Submersible System may be the most cost effective.  Councilman Tyler stated that according to the estimates he had gotten from Ernest Grizzard regarding the cost for the electrical work, the cost for parts, labor and the annual maintenance costs the repairs would be $27,000 with no warranty, but the cost to install the Flyte Submersible System with a five year warranty would be $43,500.  Councilman Tyler also reported that he had discussed the options with representatives from the Stevenson & Palmer Engineering firm and they suggested the City change to the Flyte system.  Councilman Tyler pointed out that Smith & Loveless, the company providing the parts for the repairs, does not have a local representative so the City must rebuild the pumps using their parts.  Councilman Tyler reported that Ernest Grizzard had talked with a City of Pooler employee who stated that they had installed this type system about 12 years ago and had not had any repair problems.  Councilman Tyler stated that it would take 2 or 3 months to change to the new system, so council needed to make a decision soon.  Councilman Wedincamp questioned the high cost estimate for the fencing, since most of the fence was already in place.  Councilman Tyler stated that he did not have anyone actually come out to the site because he was not sure council would want to do the fencing work at this time, so it was possible the actual quote could be lower.  Councilman Tyler pointed out that the main line valves are outside the current fence and he felt that for security purposes the valves should be inside the fence. 


Councilman Johnson stated that he would like to be able to see the actual documentation for the cost estimates that Ernie had received for the repair work.  Councilman Johnson advised Councilman Tyler that he was concerned about making a decision to spend this kind of money without seeing the actual bids.  Mayor Rozier asked if the Flyte system would eliminate the smell.  Councilman Tyler reported that according to the engineers, this system would eliminate about 95% of the odor.  Councilman Johnson stated that since the installation of the scrubber, there have been very few complaints on the smell except for times when something happened to the scrubber.  Councilman Tyler stated that the engineers advised him that when they install Flyte Submersible Systems today, they do not install scrubbers.  Councilman Wedincamp asked how long it would take to get the actual prices from the companies and Councilman Tyler stated that Ernie has the bids so it would not take long to compile the information.  Councilman Myrick stated that he was concerned about not getting at least three (3) bids on the work since this was such a costly project.  Councilman Tyler stated that there could be a problem in getting three bids since there were not very many companies that did this type work.  Councilman Ray suggested he contact Ricky Hearn with Total Phase to get another electrical bid.  Councilman Tyler stated that the bid they had came from the Hearns through R & R.  Councilman Ray advised him that these men were brothers, but they had two difference businesses.  Mayor Rozier expressed his concern in delaying the work since we were operating on a backup system now and with only one pump on hand, we would have problems if it stopped working.  Councilman Johnson pointed out that according to Councilman Tyler it would take 2 or 3 months to change to the new system even if council agreed to do that tonight, so we needed to go ahead and make arrangements to get a backup pump on standby no matter what we decided to do.  Councilman Waller stated that he would like to see the actual bids before making a decision.  After discussing the matter, Councilman Waller made a motion to table a decision on this matter until the actual bids could be reviewed at the February 20, 2003 council meeting.  Councilman Tyler seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.


Councilman Tyler reported that the new E-One fire truck had been delivered and council needed to discuss the financing of the truck.  Councilman Tyler stated that the funds for the truck were to have come from the 1998-2003 SPLOST receipts designated for fire/safety equipment; however, a shortfall of approximately $40,000 was expected for 2003.  Also, since delivery of the truck was later than expected, the City had approved the purchase of a 1989 E-One Pumper costing $47,264 at the end of last year.  Council was advised that with the cost of the new truck at $242,371, and a balance on hand of $169,692, there was a current shortfall of $76,680.  Council reviewed the interest rate information provided by GMA for their Direct Lease Program. Some members questioned whether the City should pay the entire $169,692 on the truck at this time since we may need to keep some funds on hand to make the payments for the next couple of years.  Council discussed the options at length.  After this discussion, Councilman Ray made a motion to pay 75% of the funds on hand down on the truck, finance the balance owed for seven (7) years and use the 25% left on hand to make payments on the truck for the next two years.  Councilman Johnson seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.


Being no further business, Councilman Ray made a motion to adjourn.  Councilman Waller seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.


The meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.


The Mayor and all council members were present at the meeting.