“The Bloomingdale City Seal”

This seal, adopted by the first elected Council board members of the City Of Bloomingdale, Georgia, on the July 1st, 1974, is derived from the establishment of the Central Of Georgia Railroad giving origin to the present City Of Bloomingdale, also a prime factor of its life, its growth and its progress.

To observe this seal with an astute mind, many symbolic meanings are comprehensible, contained therein are symbols related to Divinity’s gifts unto man, spiritual, moral and material.  It is hoped that in symbol it may be a beacon lighting the pathway to honorable success for all of its present citizens and any who seek to find haven within its borders.

Unto they who presently serve, or they who may serve in the future in the capacity of leadership, whether appointed or elected to an office of authority, shall give to his or her obligated office a Crown Of Dignity.

The locomotive in the center-a symbol of power and modesty of conscious strength.

The rails-a symbol of solidarity for the purpose of safe transport and conduct of legal office.

The head lamp-giving its rays of light to subdue darkness, gives view to obstruction, a symbol revealing approaching dangers by subversive action or likewise subtle influence.

The projected office windows-giving view in all directions, a symbol of circumspection.

The ever cautious and careful observance with a view to wise conduct.

The office having unseen occupancy is the authority from whence movement and transaction of business is executed by oral or written instruction.

May the City Of Bloomingdale be ever mindful its zenith of greatness can only be reached when we seek knowledge and instruction by the written command and oral instruction of The Most High God.

By Divine command the universe came into being, and continues in motion by Divine command to continue.

The mail stand-a symbol of legal communication lending to service for progress.

The semaphore and indicated clear signal arm reveals the route has been ascertained to be clear-a symbol of foresight in disbursement of business subject to City authority.

The wreath in bloom, the beauty of wayside flowers which gave inspiration for this city’s name-is a symbol lending to effort for beautification in the garden of culture of city life.

The number of the locomotive #304, the figure three depicted by the triangle within the circle-a symbol of Divinity from whence guidance is sought through faith and humble supplication.

The 0, or circle without end-a symbol of the Eternal City.  A symbol for circumscribing desires in adventure, ever keeping the format of rule within bounds of reason securing peace, harmony and justice for all its citizens.

The figure four, depicted by the square or the perfect cube, the number of creation-a symbol of Height, Breadth and Length.  A symbol of Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice, the highest expectation of man.

The numbers Three (3) and Four (4) together equal Seven (7) the sacred number-a symbol of fullness and plentitude.

In symbol, this city has a Mayor and Six Aldermen symbolized by the seven chair links joined in unison each giving strength to others, are united to protect the safety and legal rights of its citizens’ ever lending ear to the voice of wisdom be it layman or leader.

It is the hope of all citizens, this new incorporated City Of Bloomingdale though weak, it must become strong, though small, it shall become great.

Be it town, city, state or nation, its’ zenith can be reached only as aid is humbly and fervently sought from the Most High God.

May the hope of every citizen be fulfilled that no embarrassment or redress shall come to this City or any of its inhabitants, by negligence or default, of any who may hold an office of sacred trust by willful neglect or defaulting in their obligated duties of office.

May Divine Providence provide the all that is needed as we all humbly approach this task.