Official Minutes of the December 19, 2013 Council Meeting

Approved by City Council January 2, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Tipton with Councilman Myrick giving the invocation.   Councilmembers Griffin and Myrick were present.  Also present were Attorney Dickey, City Administrator Akridge, and Asst. City Clerk Diane Proudfoot.   


Mayor Tipton stated there is no quorum and noted that Councilman Baxter had a death in the family, Councilman Crosby has had surgery, Councilman Kerby was out of town and Councilman Rawlings was unable to make the meeting.  With there not being a quorum, agenda items #1, #2, #5, and #6 would be considered at a Special Called Council Meeting on December 23, 2013 at 6:00pm and the remaining agenda items would be considered at the January 2, 2014 regularly scheduled meeting. 


Attorney Dickey stated that the public hearing should be held even though there was not a quorum of councilmembers. 


Mayor Tipton opened the scheduled public hearing to receive citizen input on a variance request submitted by Coastal Bank for the approval of the sale of alcoholic beverages within certain distance of churches at 106 E. Hwy 80.   Jay Maupin of Maupin Engineering spoke on behalf of Coastal Bank stating that the bank is wishing to market the property but potential buyers are not interested in the property at its current status and stated that the property has been vacant for a while.  Mr. Maupin advised that there has been discussion with the bank from a convenient store chain that would be interested in the purpose of the property should the sale of alcoholic beverage be approved.

Comments were heard from:

Citizen Michael Ray a former councilmember who stated he served on city council at the time the alcoholic beverage ordinance was adopted and he brought forth four concerns:

1)      His disapproval of council possibly granting a variance for alcohol with three churches within the area

2)      His mother who owns the adjoining property had been advised by the original builders of the center who had assured her that alcoholic beverages would not be sold from the building

3)      His concern that Coastal Bank would be entertaining the sale of alcoholic beverages

4)      Traffic flow

Councilman Myrick requested clarification from Attorney Dickey as to who the variance would be granted to. 

Attorney Dickey stated the variance usually applies to the property but council could place a restriction that would only allow a variance to the convenient store and the sale of alcoholic beverages from the other leasable units would have to receive council approval.  

Billy Strozier stated that rumor was that a restaurant would be coming that would be selling beer and wine.

Councilman Myrick stated that he understood that once the complex is sold there could be a restaurant in the future.

Jay Maupin addressed the concern of Mr. Ray and assured that Coastal Bank does not wish to offend anyone but they have had no interest in the property under the current concept and the potential of it remaining vacant is very high.  He further stated that although there is no confirmed buyer, there has been an interest in the property from convenient stores and he felt the property would sell rather quickly should the variance be granted. 


There being no further comments Mayor Tipton closed the public hearing at 7:20pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Diane Proudfoot, Asst. City Clerk


Note:  Section § 50-14-1 of the Official Code of the State of Georgia Annotated requires that the minutes shall, as a minimum, include a description of each motion or other proposal made, and a record of all votes.  These minutes meet the minimum requirements.  However, in an attempt to provide as much information as possible to the citizens, the recording clerk has included additional background data and discussion on the subjects presented to council.  The statements of individuals are not verbatim and may be summary in nature.