Called Council Meeting

June 11, 2007



The meeting was called to order by Mayor Tipton with Councilman Myrick leading in prayer. 


Mayor Tipton stated that the meeting had been called to handle a couple of items that needed to be addressed before our regularly schedule meeting to be held on June 21, 2007.


The Mayor reported that the second round of applicants that had been received and reviewed by the council for the City Administrator position seemed to include more individuals that would be better suited for our City and the short list included three of these applicants.  Councilman Strozier presented the following individuals for council’s consideration for the administrator’s position:  Christopher Nations, Danny Lucas and Robert Brady.  After a brief discussion, Councilman Myrick stated that he had confidence in the committee’s selection of the best qualified individuals for the position and made a motion that the three named applicants be approved as the City’s short list for consideration as a City Administrator.  Councilman Ray seconded the motion and it passed with five affirmative votes.  Mayor Tipton advised council that there would be background checks that had to be performed and a benefit package that needed to be prepared and discussed.  The Mayor stated that he would keep the members of council updated on this information.  Council discussed whether or not a called meeting would need to be held to make a final decision on the appointment of the administrator since the July meeting will not be held until July 19, 2007.  After additional discussion, the council agreed that, if necessary, a called meeting would be held for the appointment of the administrator.


Council reviewed a proposal from Southeast Engineering & Environmental for services related to the overseeing of the construction of the Church & Lynn Street Paving Projects for a cost of $8,000.  The fee for these services included periodic site inspections to insure that the jobs are constructed in general conformity with the plans and specifications with an anticipated average of two hours per day of on-site time; witnessing of all required tests and verification that the results are within the allowed tolerances, but noted the testing services would need to be provided by an independent testing facility; review of all pay requests to verify they are correct and that the work for which payment is being sought has been completed; and providing these services over the entire duration of the construction through final inspection and acceptance by the City of Bloomingdale.  Councilman Strozier pointed out that in previous paving projects the DOT would also oversee the testing process since they were participating in the project and would want to make sure it met their requirements.  After additional discussion, Councilman Strozier made a motion to approve the proposal from Southeast Engineering & Environmental with the stipulation that $8,000 would be the maximum fee charged for the services as outlined in their proposal.  Councilwoman Winn seconded the motion and it passed with five affirmative votes.


Mayor Tipton stated that the agenda had included an executive session for discussion of personnel issues, but with council’s agreement, the executive session was cancelled since it was not needed.


Mayor Tipton stated that this concluded the items that were included on the called meeting agenda.


Being no further discussion, Councilman Waller made a motion to adjourn at 7:15pm, Councilman Ray seconded the motion and it passed with five affirmative votes.


Mayor Tipton and Councilmembers Myrick, Ray, Strozier, Waller and Winn were present at the meeting.


Note:  Section § 50-14-1 of the Official Code of the State of Georgia Annotated requires that the minutes shall, as a minimum, include a description of each motion or other proposal made, and a record of all votes.  These minutes meet the minimum requirements.  However, in an attempt to provide as much information as possible to the citizens, the recording clerk has included additional background data and discussion on the subjects presented to council.  The statements of individuals are not verbatim and may be summary in nature.