AUGUST 25, 2005




Mayor Rozier called the meeting to order with Councilman Ray leading in prayer. 


The Mayor stated that the first order of business was to discuss and approve the FY 2005/2006 Budget. 


The City Clerk provided council with a brief overview of the information included in the proposed budget:


FY 2005/2006 revenue items:  Includes increases in extra carts and dumpster fees; an increase in the base water rates and the establishment of a base commercial water rate; increases in the sewer base residential and commercial rates as well as the sewer only rates; and an increase in the rental fees for the community building.  Note:  Council discussed information that had been received from Republic Waste Services regarding increases in their rates and proposed fuel surcharges and agreed that adjustments would also need to be made to the monthly sanitation rates.  After discussion, council agreed to a $1.00 per month increase for residential and commercial customers.  Also, in reviewing the customer deposits currently being charged for all services, council agreed to increase the water deposits to $50.00, sewer deposits to $80.00 and sanitation deposits to $30.00. 


Capital Outlay projects in the FY 2005/2006 budget are as follows:  General Fund: $50,610 includes costs related to completion of the City map project; two workstations w/software for the general office; payments for 2nd year of 3 year lease on three (3) police vehicles purchased in 2004; payments for 2nd year of 3 year lease on Bobcat Excavator & trailer purchased in 2005; and lease payments for purchase of new trash truck.  Recreation Fund:  $12,000 includes funds for the relocation of the maintenance building; the rebuilding of the tractor/lawn mower shed; installation of donated playground equipment; painting of concession building and roof repairs (labor and shingles donated) and funds will be applied to the construction of a picnic shed.  Water/Sewer Fund: $31,900 includes the purchase of a 60 KW Generator and related expenses for Well #2; payments for 2nd year of 3 year lease on Bobcat Excavator & trailer purchased in 2005; and lease payments for purchase of 2006 Ford F-250. 


Capital Project Funds (SPLOST) expenditures in the FY 2005/2006 budget:  Includes road paving projects as covered in the City’s priority paving list; improvements to the community building and/or Taylor Park; three (3) quarterly payments toward the balance owed on the fire truck and the portion of one (1) quarterly payment (note: the balance of this payment will be paid from the General Fund in FY 2005/2006 with the remaining balance owed on the fire truck to become part of the City’s operating budget at a cost of $19,628 per year for FY 2006/2007 thru FY 2009/2010);  open greenspace for the general public; completion of the Master Drainage Plan and construction of drainage projects to be determined and approved by council; completion of police department building and renovation of City Hall to include furnishings for both buildings and parking lot paving projects; lighted softball/baseball field; cost of City’s share of upgrade to Pooler/Bloomingdale wastewater treatment plant; and once these commitments have been met the remaining years’ budgets for the 2003-2008 SPLOST will be applied to local street improvements and other capital projects as approved by council.


Council was also advised that the FY 2005/2006 budget includes a 3% cost of living pay increase effective January 1, 2006, step pay increases, an amendment to the general office step pay scale, and an additional paid holiday per year beginning July 1, 2005 with the specific date to be determined by the Mayor and Council on an annual basis.  Compensation for the paid holiday would be for administrative/police office personnel, the maintenance department and would include only those police officers scheduled to work on the day designated as the holiday.  It was noted that the designated holiday for 2005 was proposed as Veterans’ Day, November 11, 2005.  Council discussed the need to increase the mileage per diem for the use of personal vehicles for City business due to the current fuel prices and agreed to change the personnel policy to allow for an adjustment in the mileage rate in January of each year based on the Internal Revenue Service’s Standard Mileage Rate.  It was noted that the 2005 rate is 40.5 cents per mile.


After the completion of the review and discussion of the budget, Councilman Myrick made a motion to adopt the FY 2005-2006 budget as presented with the above noted changes, Councilman Ray seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.


The Mayor reported that the City had received a price from R.B. Baker Construction, Inc. for the installation of 440 linear feet each of 16 and 24 inch steel casing pipe into eight (8) trenches under U.S. Hwy 80 during the current widening project.  The pipe would be placed at four (4) specific locations for the future installation of water and sewer lines.  The proposal totaled $73,970.69 or $84.05 per linear foot.  Mayor Rozier pointed out that RBBC included in their proposal the option to place two conduits (one each of the 16 and 24 inch) in the same trench since according to Dan Scott of EMC Engineering Services, Inc. this would be in accordance with the rules and procedures of the DOT.  This option would reduce the trenching and concrete patching portions of the quote by 50% which would allow RBBC to reduce the pricing by $18,400 to a cost of $55,570.69 or $63.14 per linear foot.  It was noted that no water or sewer lines would be placed in the conduit at this time.  Councilman Johnson advised council that since he owned property along Highway 80, he did not feel that he should be involved in this decision and this same position was stated by Councilman Tyler and Councilman Wedincamp.  The Mayor stated that it was his understanding that council needed to make a decision on this issue as soon as possible because the widening project is well underway and once RBBC completes the sub-grade construction they will proceed with the placement of base material and this proposal will no longer be valid.  Council discussed several options for the funding of the project and agreed that the monies would have to come from renewal and extension funds that were currently in a certificate of deposit with First Chatham Bank.  It was noted that the certificate renews in late September, 2005.  After additional discussion, Councilman Waller made a motion to accept the proposal from R.B. Baker Construction of $73,970.69 if separate trenches were required for the 16 and 24 inch lines and of $55,570.60 if the 16 and 24 inch lines could be placed in one trench with the funding to come from renewal and extension monies.  Councilman Ray seconded the motion and it passed with affirmative votes from Council members Myrick, Ray and Waller.  Council members Johnson, Tyler and Wedincamp abstained from voting.


Mayor Rozier advised council that this concluded the items that were on the agenda for the called meeting.


The Mayor stated that he had some information for council related to the paving projects.  Mayor Rozier reported that due to the higher costs related to the DOT’s requirement that curb and gutter be installed along Church Street for the state to participate in the paving project, he was amending the City’s request to the DOT and advising them that the City was only asking for their participation on Lynn Street.  The Mayor stated that he would be contacting Katherine Wolfe and Robbie Hodges regarding the rights of way needed for the improvements to Lynn Street.


Councilman Tyler stated that he would like for the Mayor and Council to make a decision on whether or not it would be cost effective for the continued expansion of the City of Bloomingdale.  Councilman Tyler pointed out that most of the areas that the City has annexed in the past and that are currently being considered for annexation are all rural and there are specific costs related to the addition of residential properties.  These costs include the maintenance of roads and ditches, police and fire protection and sanitation service.  Councilman Tyler asked if anyone knew if there were studies available that might provide some costs analysis for the annexing of residential areas—either from RDC or maybe the MPC.  Councilman Wedincamp stated that he felt sure that the RDC would have this information available and would get with Planning & Zoning Chairman Andrew Rawlings to see if he knew anyone at RDC we could contact to obtain this data. 


Being no further discussion, Councilman Waller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilman Ray seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.



Mayor Rozier and all council members were present at the meeting.