February 1, 2005




The meeting was called to order by Mayor Rozier with Councilman Ray leading in prayer.


Mayor Rozier stated that one of the purposes of tonight’s meeting was to obtain an update from Charles Rogers on the renovation of the building at #6 Adams Road for the police department.  The subcommittee handling the project and the council needed to make some decisions on specific issues related to the construction.


Mr. Rogers reported that the building has been completely gutted, a saw pole installed, and temporary electrical power requested.  However, the power has not yet been turned on so the City Clerk was asked to find out when this will be connected.


Council was advised that they needed to start thinking about the paving of the parking lot so arrangements can be made to obtain prices.  Councilman Myrick stated that he felt we needed to get some plans drawn for the parking lot and it was noted that EMC Engineering or the paving contractor could provide the plans.  Council agreed that the parking lot should be asphalt and discussed having the bid include the resurfacing of the existing parking lot at City Hall.  Discussion was held regarding the installation of underground piping between the police building and the City Hall for the possibility of future connections of computer and communications equipment.  It was also noted that the antennas for the radio equipment would not have to be moved if there was underground wiring from its current location to the police building.  Several options regarding the running of the underground piping were discussed and it was agreed that boring under the existing parking lot would probably be the best, but council agreed that before proceeding with this work prices needed to be obtained from contractors.  Councilman Wedincamp stated that Mike Stanley could provide a price and Councilman Tyler suggested we get other prices as well.


Council discussed the need to request at least three (3) bids on any of the work to be done on the building and Mr. Rogers stated that he would make sure that he contacted only reputable contractors that he felt would do quality work and would have occupational licenses.  Council also stressed the importance of the contractors providing proof of adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


Mr. Rogers stated that he felt that each of the exit doors on the building should have gabled roofs over the doorways and council agreed.


Mr. Rogers reported that he had solicited bids from three (3) plumbers, but only one had responded by the January 20th deadline.  Bids were requested from Bobby Tuten, Mike Royal and McBride Plumbing, but Bobby Tuten was the only plumber who submitted a bid.  After discussing this information, council agreed to allow Bobby Tuten to perform the plumbing work.


Council was advised that as of this date, there had only been one bid solicited for the electrical work and that was from R & R Electric.  Councilman Ray re-emphasized the importance of requesting at least three (3) bids for all work and council agreed this procedure had to be followed.  Several other contractors were suggested and the City Clerk stated that a list could be obtained from the City Hall of those electrical contractors who have previously done work in Bloomingdale.  Council discussed including a generator in the police building to allow for electrical service during outages caused by emergency situations.  A 100KW generator was discussed.  Councilman Myrick asked if that size would be large enough to provide power to the City Hall and questions were raised about whether it would handle both buildings.  Councilman Myrick stated that if electrical service was going to be provided to the police building in these type situations, he felt that there should also be provisions for power at the City Hall since the administrative personnel would need electrical service and several council members expressed their agreement.


Mr. Rogers reported that he had a heating & air bid from Robert Riley to remove the four (4) ton unit existing at the building, seal it, and reinstall it along with the necessary ductwork.  He stated there would be a total of three systems in the building and the bid included a York heating and air conditioning system.


Since there had only been one brick mason contacted, Mr. Rogers stated he would solicit additional bids.


Council was advised that framing bids had been solicited from Key, Bragg & Griffin, but no one had submitted their bids as of tonight.


Mr. Rogers stated that he had obtained some price quotes on the roof work and the metal roof was approximately $43,000 with a singled roof costing about $8600.  Council agreed that the cost for the singled roof would be more practical and would better match the existing City Hall.  Mr. Rogers reported that Sapp’s Roofing had provided the $8600 price and the roofing could begin at any time.


The flooring for the building was discussed.  Council agreed that in the high traffic areas, there needed to be tile floors, but because of the noise factor, the courtroom would need to be carpeted with an industrial grade carpet.  Council discussed the size needed for the Judge’s platform and the Chief stated he would provide this information to Mr. Rogers.


Mr. Rogers reported that in obtaining the bids for the drywall, he had requested that labor and material prices be submitted separately since he felt sure the City would rather purchase the drywall materials themselves and council agreed.  Councilman Waller suggested obtaining a bid from James Edenfield who had done the work at City Hall and Mr. Rogers stated he would get at least three (3) bids on this work.


Mr. Rogers advised council a price of $7322 for the insulation of the ceilings and walls was submitted by Quality and the two bids submitted for painting the interior and exterior were $25,490 and $26,900. 


Councilman Waller asked about the windows and Mr. Rogers stated there were fifteen (15) windows and these would be set by the contractor handling the framing work. 


Due to the lower ceilings in the building, Mr. Rogers suggested council use a drywall ceiling with a textured finish rather than a drop ceiling to maintain as much height as possible and council agreed.


Councilman Myrick pointed out that Dennis Baxter was working on a set of drawings for the interior of the building and these should be submitted in the next few days.


Councilman Myrick asked Mr. Rogers for a total cost estimate on the project.  Mr. Rogers stated that he estimated $226,800 which did not include the generator or office furniture.  Mr. Rogers pointed out that he included his estimate for some of the work for which we have not yet obtained bids and felt this total was a good figure.  It was noted that there had been some discussion about the possibility of including some video equipment in the courtroom and the estimated cost did not include that item.


Being no further discussion on the renovation project, the Mayor recommended we proceed with the next order of business.


Mayor Rozier stated that he had a personnel matter he would like to bring to council.  Councilman Johnson made a motion to adjourn into executive session, Councilman Tyler seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.  A copy of the affidavit as required by the Open Meetings Law is attached.


After the executive meeting was adjourned, Councilman Johnson made a motion to return to the general session.  Councilman Tyler seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes.


The Mayor reported that the Personnel Committee would present a recommendation at the February 3rd meeting regarding the matters discussed during the executive session.


Mayor Rozier stated that a meeting had been scheduled with Denise Grabowski with Lott Barber Architects to discuss the possibility of this firm providing consulting work on zoning, subdivision and development issues for the City.  The Mayor advised council that he felt this should be handled as an interview rather than part of the meeting agenda and requested that the called council meeting be adjourned.  Councilman Tyler made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Councilman Wedincamp seconded the motion and it passed with six affirmative votes. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.


Mayor Rozier and all council members were present at the meeting.