CITY COUNCIL MEETING – August 16, 2012 – 7:00 P.M.


  1. Call to Order/Pledge/Prayer

A pre-agenda meeting is held at 6:30pm in the conference room.  This meeting gives members an opportunity to become familiar with the agenda and is an open meeting.


  1. Approval of draft copies of Minutes of the July 19, 2012 Council meeting - Need motion


  1. Approval of Agenda of the August 16, 2012 meeting – Need motion


  1. Administrative & Committee reports


NOTE:  Public comments will be limited to 3 minutes per person.






  1. Consider the Declaration of Surplus Property.
  2. Consider appointments to the Recreation Executive Board.
  3. Consider a Resolution endorsing the formation of the Chatham County Keep Chatham Beautiful affiliate.
  4. Consider a Resolution to enter into a Project Agreement with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for a grant award of $100,000 to construct the Bloomingdale Rail Bed Trail extension and authorize Mayor Tipton to execute said Agreement.
  5. Consider an increase of water/sewer rates of $1.00 based on usage.
  6. Consider an increase of Fire Protection rates.
  7. Consider a proposal from Coca-Cola Beverage Company to provide a scoreboard for Taylor Park.
  8. Mrs. Mary Mitchell – Citizen to be Heard.
  9. Consider approval of Change Order #1 – Phase II Drainage Improvements
  10. Consider approval of Change Order #2
  11. Consider approval of Change Order #3
  12. Consider approval of Change Order #4
  13. Consider approval of Change Order #5
  14. Consider approval of Change Order #6
  15. Consider approval of Change Order #7
  16. Consider approval of Change Order #8
  17. Consider the purchase of a Bobcat Excavator with Cutter in the amount of $46,714.01 with SPLOST proceeds as outlined in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
  18. Consider proposal for a Geographical Imaging System (GIS) for computer mapping of water, sewer and drainage infrastructure.
  19. Consider approval of funds for a parking lot at Taylor Park.
  20. Georgia Flood Map Revisions/Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  21. Consider appointment of Police Chief position.


This concludes the items presented for consideration for inclusion on the Council agenda prior to the deadline of Wednesday, August 8, 2012.


 VII.        Accounts payable – Need motion


VIII.         Adjourn – Need motion