CITY COUNCIL MEETING –   October, 15, 2015– 7:00 P.M.


  1. Call to Order/Pledge/Prayer

A pre-agenda meeting is held at 6:30pm in the conference room.  This meeting gives elected officials an opportunity to become familiar with the Agenda and is an open meeting.


  1. Approval of draft copies of Minutes of the September 17, 2015  Meeting - Need motion


  1. Approval of Agenda of the October 15, 2015 meeting – Need motion


  1. Administrative & Committee Reports




Development of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan




  1. Raffle Drawing for Shotgun for the Multi-Purpose Facility/Gym Fundraiser.
  2. Consider dedication of S.H. Morgan Parkway from Prologis to the City of Bloomingdale.
  3. Consider Bid Award for Stagecoach Road as a part of DOT LMIG Grant Program.
  4. Consider a Service Contract Extension Agreement with WastePro for garbage collection and recycling services.
  5. Consider a Home Occupation License for a housekeeping/janitorial business to be located at 302 E. Cregor Street for office purposes only submitted by Mr. Daniel Glover.


These are the items presented before the deadline of October 7, 2015 to be included on the Agenda.


Accounts Payable – Need motion


Adjourn – Need motion