Official Minutes of the Special Called Meeting January 9, 2020

Approved by City Council at the February 6, 2020 Council Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Rozier with Councilman Grizzard giving the Invocation. Councilmember's Griffin, Grizzard, Kerby, Key, Mayor Rozier, Attorney Dickey, City Administrator Akridge, Assistant City Clerk Danielle Bucher were present. Councilman Harley and Otakie were absent.


Mayor Rozier welcomed everyone to the special called meeting to hear from the residents on the proposed annexation of Osteen Road and stated that no decision has been made by Council to date; however, it is the Mayor and Council's intent to please the majority of residents included in the proposed annexation.


Mayor Rozier listed the benefits for the City of Bloomingdale to annex Osteen Road.

1.      Economic Development and Growth Potential in the area

2.      Population Census numbers for State and Federal Funding

The benefits for the Osteen Road residents.

1.      Potential Water Services

2.      Potential Sewer Services

3.      Sanitation Services

4.      Fire Protection

5.      Emergency Services

6.      LMIG Funds (Local Municipal Grant)

City Administrator referenced the map in the front of the Council Room that displayed the proposed annexation.



Councilman Kerby made a motion to open the Public Hearing for the Proposed Annexation of Osteen Road. Councilman Grizzard seconded the motion and it passed without opposition.


Mayor Rozier invited Representative Ron Stephens the opportunity to start the meeting. Representative Stephens stood up and thanked Council for inviting him to this Special Called Meeting and explained he had 23 years experience in the legislator and there was three ways to annex property; however, the 100% method and 60% method bypasses the legislator. He recommended the resident be aware and encouraged the attendees to consider how the City of Bloomingdale could benefit them.


Councilman Kerby thanked Mr. Stephens for his time and attendance and noted that he really cares about the City of Bloomingdale and their residents.


Mayor Rozier added that the City of Bloomingdale is one of two cities in Chatham County that has no City property taxes and he plans to keep it as so.


Greg Jacobs from1075 Osteen Road began thanking Council for calling this meeting in order to learn more. He is not sure if he is for or against the annexation; however, he has talked with both City Administrator and State Representative and they have been very forthright with answering his question. He wanted to know if the benefits outweighed the costs for the City to take on these new residents and services once annexed to the City. What are the benefits for the City to offset the expenses?


City Administrator announced that Greg was only one of twenty-four property owners that has called with questions prior to this meeting. He answered Mr. Jacobs stating that the Local Option Sales tax and Special Option Sales Tax is determined by population. When your population increase the amount of money received increases.


Mr. Jacob's asked if there were any plans of future taxation, Mayor Rozier answered that the only consideration for future taxes would be placed on Industrial and not residential. Representative Stephens added that the residence would actually get a tax break if annexed into the City because they would not be taxed at their current special service district with the County. Councilman Grizzard mentioned that the current Special Service District is 4.911 Mills. Savannah is about 12.816 Mills. if the City of Savannah was to ever annex Osteen Road. He went on to say that not only will they save money on taxes there is no better place to live than the City of Bloomingdale.


Councilwoman Griffin also stated that she feels that the residents on Osteen Road are already apart of Bloomingdale and the more people counted in our census equals more representatives in our district.


Greg Jacobs asked if there was a Super Site planned for the future of Osteen Road in which the mayor responded no there is not plans for a Super Site on Osteen Road. However, there is one planned by the Savannah's Economic Development on John Carter Road on the other side of Interstate 16.


Councilman Kerby plans to continue to protect the citizens of Bloomingdale by controlling future traffic by controlling what comes into the City.


City Administrator reintegrated that the Council called this Public Hearing to hear the thought and concerns of the residents on Osteen Road; however, their hope was that everyone would be a willing participant. Representative Stephens noted that there are three ways to annexation

1.      100% Method

2.      60% Method

3.      Legislative-

Wesley Barnnet- 11 Osteen Road is for the annexation but does not want development.


Steve Mensor of 1107 Osteen Road approached Council and thanked them for having the Public Hearing. He believes that there is no advantages and that it is his opinion that the road is currently not being maintained. He believed that there was never going to be water nor sewer available.


Dustin Right of 111 Douberly Hill Road would like the road paved.


Chris Wigley of 808 Osteen Road 150 acres is in favor of annexation and getting his road paved.


Susan Right of 111 Douberly Road inquired if the Recreation site would be moved. Mayor answered that there is a possibility; however, Taylor Park is not currently apart of the Ottawa Farms deal. Councilwoman Griffin also noted that she is not in agreement with any eminent domain and there were no plans to do so.


Adam Mincer of Osteen Road questioned about a road that has not been formally noted as public or private which a decision was not reached. Run off was a concern as well to Mr. Mincer.


Philip Morgan 1500 acre landowner does not see an immediate advantage to coming into the City of Bloomingdale and is against the annexation.

Without any other comments or concerns from the attendees Councilman Grizzard made a motion to close the Public Hearing at 8:21 PM. Councilwoman Griffin seconded the motion and it passed without opposition.


Respectfully submitted,





Charles D. Akridge


Note: Section 50-14-1 of the Official Code of the State of Georgia Annotated requires that the minutes shall, as a minimum, include a description of each motion or other proposal made, and a record of all votes. These minutes meet the minimum requirements. However, in an attempt to provide as much information as possible to the citizens, the recording clerk has included additional background data and discussion on the subjects presented to council. The statements of individuals are not verbatim and may be summary in nature.