Before beginning process-Flood Zone & Wetland information should be checked thoroughly,


1.      Need two (2) sets of original plans to include:

2.      Foundation Plan scale = 1

a.       Typical Wall Section

b.      Floor plan showing dimensions necessary to build house scale = 1

c.       Floor elevations

d.      Plans must include complete electrical, plumbing specs and smoke detectors

e.       Commercial construction must show calculated water flow from an Engineer

f.       Structures over 3,000 sq.ft. must provide Needed Fire Flow (NFF) calculations.

g.       Commercial construction involving food preparation must abide by grease, oil and sand interceptor ordinance

h.      Site plan showing location of structure to property and/or exact location of addition

(Must show distance from structure to property lines as shown in example to the left

also identify the location of the grinder pump)

3.      The City of Bloomingdale application-must have the correct Tax ID number of the property.

4.      Subcontractor list must be completed and submitted with the plans along with copies of the local and state license of the contractors.

5.      A meeting will be set up with the Maintenance Supervisors to inspect the driveway site to determine if a culvert will be necessary. If a culvert is required he will determine the size and type. The maintenance department will install the driveway culvert.

6.      Property located outside of the water/sewer service area will be served by a private well and septic tank. The application for the septic tank permit will be forwarded to the Chatham County Health department by the City of Bloomingdale for approval. The application for the well permit must be completed and set up for the next Council Meeting. Once approval is granted the licensed well driller must apply for the well permit at City Hall before beginning the drilling process.


Applications for permits within the city service area will be reviewed by the Building Inspector for approval. The permit will be issued after approval is given.

Applications for permits outside of the city service area will be forwarded to the Chatham County Health Department for approval and permit will be issued after approval is received.



Building permit (up to 3,000sq. ft) $ 500.00 ($75 per each additional 1,000 sq. ft. or fraction thereof)

Plan Review $ 150.00(Residential)

Plan Review $ 300.00(Commercial)

Water Tap $1,000.00

Water Deposit $ 60.00

Sewer Tap $1,200.00

Buzzer/light kit only $ 325.00

Grinder Pump Relocation $ 500.00

Driveway (minimum 16) $ Will be decided at meeting with Supervisor

(Cherry St. & Hwy 80 are State maintained-Pine Barren after sharp curve is County maintained)

The above fees are paid at the time the permit is issued

Grinder pump $3,685.00

(The city has thirty (30) days after payment is received and the final grade is complete on the lot to

install the grinder pump tank-the motor will be installed once power is connected to the structure)


Water: $3,000.00 Sewer: $3,000.00 Parks & Rec: $233.33 Public Safety: $233.34

Roads & Drainage, Public Works: $233.33 TOTAL: $6,700


ADDITIONS OR MODIFICATIONS:Fee will be based on the number of inspections required.

*If an additional bathroom is installed and the proper fall cannot be accomplished, then an additional tap, grinder pump and buzzer/light kit will be required.